This is an online unit for grade 6 students incorporating British Columbia's new Social Studies curriculum for elementary students.

This course is meant to familiarize you with apps (applications) and how they can be implemented in your educational setting or classroom. Specifically we will be looking at i-pads and how the school i-pads can be used effectively in your programming. 


         The aim of Social Studies is to develop thoughtful, responsible, active citizens who are able to acquire the requisite information to consider multiple perspectives and to make reasoned judgments.  Social Studies 11 provides students with opportunities to reflect critically upon event and issues in order to examine the present, make connections with the past, and consider their future.  Social Studies 11 contributes to the important goal of preparing students for their lives as Canadian citizens and members of the international community.  Students will be covering the broad topics of Government and it's role in society, 20th century Canadian history as well as Social Geography.  

This course is for students enrolled in a post-secondary diploma or degree in international development. It will introduce students to the data and research sources that will be helpful in their studies and future career, and also to the broader information issues in the field such as intellectual property, access to information, and bias in the presentation and distribution of information. Students will also develop skills in retrieving, analyzing, synthesizing and publishing information in an ethical manner.