This is an exploratory course into the groovy world of Science 9. You will gain an understanding of Atomic Particles, learn about the Human Body, engage in Circuit Design, and delve into the abyss of Deep Space.

I hope you enjoy the trip! smile

testing earth image
Is it happening?

Are we causing it?
What's going to happen?
What can we do?
Our global climate is changing. As inheritors of the Earth we must be aware of this change and learn what we can do to minimize our negative impacts on the world, the environment, our home. Our journey begins with looking at the global and local perspectives of this change while building knowledge to arm ourselves with possible solutions. We will work as a community, constructing new ideas based on previous understandings of scientific theories and practices, real life situations and experiential learning.

fosbsConservation Education - FOSBS Outreach Programs

This course is designed to enhance your study of the distinctive habitats that make up Boundary Bay. It is a non-linear resource, targeted to elementary school students, that provides you with an opportunity to explore a range of topics and activities associated with our three outreach programs:
  • For the Birds
  • Marine Explorations
  • Pond Study
This is a companion site for my Chem 12 f2f class. The intention is to provided a blended or mixed-mode learning model that will supplement and reinforce learning.
Information Literacy

Who creates information on the internet? How can we tell what information is reliable and what information has bias or agendas behind it? How can we collect information and use it in our research? What is plagiarism and how can we avoid it?

This online learning module will provide you with the tools and skills needed to answer these questions. These skills will be directly relevant to your IBDP work, and will also serve you well as you move on to post-secondary education.
This course is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of including technology in education.
Design Communication: 3d Modeling and Animation