One of the goals of this course is to introduce you to the online teaching and learning environment, the virtual classroom, various types of online coponents, communications and assessments - the kind you will use in all of the courses in this fully online diploma program.

HSLC100 provides an opportunity for you to review basic computer skills and learn the efficient use of:

  • M/S Office 2007
    • Word for Word Processing
    • PowerPoint for Presentation Graphics
    • Excel for Electronic Spreadsheets
  • Windows XP or Vista for basic File Management (your choice)
  • Internet Explorer for browsing web-sites, and to search, retrieve, evaluate and download information from the WWW

Note: Access to M/S Office is required for this course.
     You may complete the assignments in any version of M/S Office...
           However, please be advised, Office 2007 will be used to demonstrate commands and procedures throughout this course (note, the interface for Office 2007 is quite different from previous versions such as 2003 or XP) !