Living Environment is a introductory science course that culminates in a New York State Regents Examination.  Within this course, you will cover various topics including scientific inquiry, chemistry, cells, body systems, genetics, evolution and ecology. 

The three course goals are:

1. To make you more aware, curious, and knowledgeable of the living world around us.

2. To expose you to skills that will benefit you in whatever path you choose in life.

3. To prepare you to pass the New York State Regents Exam in the Living Environment.

This Living Environment course is the first of its kind in combining traditional face-to-face format, along with online learning to provide student flexibility in learning.  Students attendance will be a mixture of classroom attendance in school and student presence online.  In addition, it is critical that students attend all mandatory laboratory sessions in order to meet the New York State requirements of 1200 Laboratory minutes for qualification of the New York State Living Environment Regents Exam.