English 11


Teacher: Mr. R. Dubé




During this semester we will:

  • Interact and collaborate with others
  • Express ideas and information in a variety of situations and forms
  • Listen to comprehend, interpret, analyze and evaluate ideas and information from a variety of texts
  • Select, adapt, and apply a range of strategies to prepare oral communications
  • Make personal responses to texts
  • Utilize strategies to reflect on and assess our speaking and listening
  • Recognize and apply the structures and features of oral language to convey and derive meaning
  • Read, both collaboratively and independently, to comprehend a wide variety of literary and informational text
  • Utilize persuasive and visual texts with increasing complexity and subtlety of ideas and form
  • Independently select and read, for sustained periods of time, texts for enjoyment and to increase fluency
  • Apply a range of strategies to:
    •  Anticipate content and construct meaning
    • Extend and confirm meaning, and to consider the author’s craft
    • Explain and support personal responses to texts
    • Recognize and explain how structures and features of text shape readers’ and viewers’ construction of meaning and appreciation
    • Generate, develop, and organize ideas for writing and representation
  • Demonstrate increasing word skills and vocabulary knowledge
  • Write meaningful, purposeful, effective and thoughtful personal texts that elaborate on ideas and information