This course is designed to be a support to my grade two Arts Education program.  It could be used by young students with support from the teacher, parent(s) or older reading buddy or sibling.

The outcome that is addressed in this course from the Saskatchewan Arts Education is 

CR2.2 - Use inquiry and technology to investigate a variety of arts expressions.


  1. Use libraries, community resources, and the Internet as sources of information about artists and their work.

  2. Investigate various arts expressions in own communities, throughout the world, and in different eras (e.g., pyramids, cathedrals, public sculptures) using technology.

  3. Pose questions about the arts and determine which questions are compelling enough to investigate as a group (e.g., Who are the artists who live, or have lived, in our community? What does, or did, their work say about our community?).

  4. Plan how to answer some or all of the questions posed as a whole group or in small groups.

  5. Locate information about the arts from various sources (e.g., interviews, books, local resource people, the Internet).

  6. Manage information discovered about the arts using different methods including technology (e.g., audio recorders, portfolios of pictures, word processors).

  7. Document and share collaborative inquiry findings with other students or with a community audience.