Learning Anywhere, Anytime – With Cell Coverage


Course Description

This course provides an introduction into the complete range of capabilities that a mobile device can offer as an educational tool. This course is delivered completely online and even provides accessibility through the learners’ mobile device. It is designed to demonstrate the range of capabilities that a mobile device can be used for in an educational setting. It also introduces learners to different applications and platforms that are optimized for mobile usage and therefore accessible anywhere, anytime. Students will learn how to find different applications and then research and assess their ability to be used as a learning tool. Students will also be introduced to digital citizenship and be given an overview of some of the safety considerations to keep in mind when participating and sharing in an online space.

This course is designed for middle-schoolers primarily as they are likely owners of mobile devices, and likely, relatively new owners.

Learning Objectives

1. Students will be able to research and find an application that be used for case-specific needs (such as Group Discussions, Watching Demonstrations of Experiments, Learning a Language, etc).

2. Students will learn how to assess an application for it’s suitability (through an analysis of reviews and hands-on demonstrations) in relation to specific requirements.

3. Students will demonstrate ethical practices when researching and citing online resources, including creating references, citations and recognizing if a source is credible or not.

4. Students will learn guiding principles to help them participate safely in online communities.