Human Body Systems


This course is designed for grade three International Baccaleaurate (IB) students at Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS).

The knowledge in this course relates to one of the IB's transdiciplinary themes inquiring into "Who we are". 

The central idea for this unit of inquiry is, "The body is made of many systems that work together".

Some of the learning will be supported further with in-class teaching, however much of the material is meant to be accessed during class time.

Course Goals:

In the context of the six weeks, students will explore five body systems in detail:

  • Week 1: Skeletal
  • Week 2: Muscular
  • Week 3: Digestive
  • Week 4: Respiratory
  • Week 5: Circulatory

Students will explore each system through three conceptual lenses:

  1. Form - What are some of the parts?
  2. Function - What makes the part or system like that? How does it work?
  3. Connection - How is each system connected to other body systems?

Some of the activities in weeks 1-5 will involve individual and/or group work. All activities will include opportunities for you to ask questions, submit your activities and get feedback from teachers and/or peers.

Week 6 involves a summative project that incorporates the three conceptual understandings.


May you enjoy both the road and destination in your next inquiry!