Independent living is crucial to student achievement, independence, and overall success in adulthood.  The modules in this course address the skills necessary to take care of one's self, family and home in order to live as independently as possible.

Course Synopsis:

This is a student-directed course which includes a preliminary compulsory Module1: Personal Assessment of current and Desired Skill Levels and six elective modules  Students will be required to inventory their current vs. desired skill levels regarding: Personal Hygiene & Grooming, Personal Safety, and Management of Food, Household, Wardrobe and Personal Affairs.  For the final assignment for Module 1, students, in collaboration with their family and ducation advisors will use the elective modules and/or units to design a personalized 120 hour Independent Living 11 course which will reflect their individual educational needs.

Eligible Students:

This course is created specifically for students with High Incidence and Low Incidence Special Education Designations.  These students will have been identified on school 1701 forms as one of the following (or the equivalent for out-of-town students)

§  A – Dependent Handicapped

§  C – Moderate Intellectual Disability

§  D – Physical Disability / Chronic Health

§  F – Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

§  G – Autism

§  H – Intensive Behaviour Intervention or Serious Mental Illness

§  K – Mild Intellectual Disability

§  P – Gifted

§  Q – Learning Disabilities

§  R – Behaviour Support or Students with Mental Illness