Welcome to Music History:100 Years of Canadian Culture.

Brendan Clark: Instructor

Contact information: brendan.clark@sd47.bc.ca

History of Canadian Music - 1917-Present - Study significant people, events and technology that helped shape Canadian culture over the past 100 years.  Answer the question: What can we learn about Canada by studying its music history? Learn to research like a historian by analyzing artifacts and critiquing the work of music research authors.  Explore modern media applications and learn how to create a presentation which communicates a significant topic in a memorable way.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will be able to analyze significant events, people, and technological changes that have occurred throughout the time period.

  • Students will be able to work collaboratively to produce, assess, and reflect on group and individual projects.

  • Students will be able to construct a media presentation using various technologies to clearly explain an important theme or significant event related to the topic.