“And . . . Cut!!!” Have you ever wanted to say these words? You will if you take Digital Media Arts 10. This course is designed as an introduction to video production work where students work collaboratively to learn the three-step process to produce a video including:  Pre-Production - story development; shot lists; script writing, Production - filming; camera shots; lighting; continuity of shots; audio and Post-Production - editing; audio mixing; compositing.

Digital media literacy’s skills and competencies will also be introduced in this course so students will understand how their choices in media influence how they see the world.  

  Shannon Hagen will be the course instructor.  She has been a teacher for the past 23 years, 15 of those teaching in the film and digital media curricular area.  She can be reached via email at shannon.hagen@sd72.bc.ca to answer any specific course questions.  

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