Course Title: LMS Introduction Description/Audience: This course will be developed for entry-level employees within an e-learning/courseware development firm, or for school staff who wish to incorporate the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) into their classroom. It’s purpose is for an introduction to the LMS platform and its capabilities, including creating a course shell. Objectives: Learners will describe basic LMS characteristics and uses Learners will distinguish between various types of LMSs (Open source vs. commercial, installed vs. cloud-based vs. SaaS, Integrated vs. non-integrated, SCORM-compliant vs. non, etc.) Learners will navigate through a selected LMS and learner environment Learners will browse through course listings, and select a course to launch within the LMS Learners will access the embedded LMS Help feature Advanced objectives: Learners will create a course shell Learners will create an online assessment for the course and confirm its functionality through testing, to include various questioning styles (matching, multiple choice, True/False, etc.). Learners will add gradebook features to track student progress Additional Objectives: Additional objectives will be included as part of course progression, and will include manipulating various LMS settings as an administrator, and demonstrating pedagogical competencies via the LMS course platform. Course delivery format: The course will take a blended approach, via phased Computer-based Training (CBT) and then mediated interactive learning within a computer lab (in order to confirm skill acquisition). Assessment: Both formative and summative assessment will be incorporated, including end of task reviews. There will be a final scenario-based assessment, whereby learners must complete a number of the most used LMS functionalities within a specific LMS platform, such as select and launching a course module, accessing student grades, and creating a short quiz containing various question styles.