Cell culture has emerged as a major tool in health research, biotechnology applications, and toxicological testing.  It is thus critical for students to gain an understanding of the basic techniques involved, the great potential that it offers for the benefit of society, as well as the potential challenges and concerns. The laboratory part this course deals with the establishment, maintenance and subculture of cell lines.  It also covers some of of the common techniques used in studying various cell processes.

In addition to learning practical laboratory skills, students will also be looking at selected research publications to see how the types of experiments they are carrying out in the labs are being used to answer larger questions relating to health or environmental issues.

This site features my attempt to turn a senior level Cell and Tissue Culture lab into a blended format.  By using this format, I hope to enable students to do much of their preparation at home so that actual lab time can be used more for practicing specific skills, and to place more emphasis on in-lab data analysis.